Nu Blocks and Objective-C Blocks, Part 2

30 March, 2010 (12:29) | General | By: Philip

OK, at last I’m finally writing part two. Boy it’s surprisingly difficult to update one’s blog regularly…

So in Part 1 I showed how you can write over the function pointer of a block with another function pointer and the block will still work. It’s probably also possible to construct a block from scratch, but I don’t really see any benefit to that.

So, how to make a C block that will call a Nu block? Read more »

Arcade Typing Tutor 2.0 Released!

15 March, 2010 (18:46) | General | By: Philip

The first version of Arcade Typing Tutor since I took over development from my brother is out. This version features prettier text,  bug fixes and a smattering of user-settable options. Click here to download the latest version or here to visit the ATT webpage.

When my brother wrote ATT he was pretty good about not using Cocoa where he didn’t need to meaning that the code base looks to be pretty portable. I’m considering creating a version of it using wxWidgets for the UI bits. Then I could release a version for Windows and possibly FreeBSD/Linux, though I’m not sure how well shareware does on the free *nixes. Most likely I’ll continue using Cocoa for the Mac OS X interface, just to make sure it always looks 100% native.

I’ll do some posting on wxWidgets as I get into. It should be interesting, especially since I haven’t done much in the way of C++ programming since my teens.

Arcade Typing Tutor is changing management…

9 March, 2010 (10:41) | General | By: Philip

Perhaps some of you have noticed that Arcade Typing Tutor was not quite one with the other Rivulus products. Well that’s because I had just been hosting the webpage for ATT on the Rivulus website. ATT was actually made by my brother and other than the management of the webpage, he had been handling all aspects of it. Well, he is a medical intern now and is finding that he doesn’t have a lot of time to fix bugs and respond to customers, so he has handed over the reins to us. Read more »

ssh over a High-Latency Connection

2 March, 2010 (13:32) | General | By: Philip

I’m in the process of transferring this blog and the Rivulus website over to a RootBSD VPS. I like my current web host, Little Oak, and strongly recommend them to anyone who needs basic web hosting service: they are Mac-friendly and provide great customer service; but I really was starting to feel hindered by not having full shell access. I mean, I really need the ability to trash my entire website with an errant ‘/’… Read more »

Nu Blocks and Objective-C Blocks, Part 1

20 February, 2010 (17:57) | General | By: Philip

I hope to devote a fair amount of time on this blog to the Cocoa-based programming/scripting languages F-Script and Nu. So to get started, today’s entry is on a little bit of investigation I did into bridging Nu’s native blocks with the Objective-C blocks that Apple introduced with Snow Leopard.

A quick description of blocks for those who don’t know what they are: Read more »

USB Power Outlet

6 February, 2010 (22:13) | General | By: Philip

So the latest (March ‘10) issue of Macworld has a highlight on FastMac’s new TruePower UCS Power Outlet, which is a regular duplex outlet plus two power-only usb ports. Here is a picture pulled off of FastMac’s website. Read more »

Attributes Affecting Text Layout

3 February, 2010 (14:07) | General | By: Philip

Yesterday I started a radical revamp of the Hebrew Reader code. I had previously noticed that occasionally a vowel marking (a niqqud) would appear a little shifted to one side or the other. Nothing drastic, but definitely noticeable and ugly.


I began to suspect that the problem was caused by some custom attributes I was assigning to the text to mark verses and segments. In other words I was using NSMutableAttributedString’s addAttribute:value:range and the like to assign my own keys and values to bits of text. Read more »

Welcome to the new Rivulus Blog!

2 February, 2010 (13:35) | General | By: Philip


Welcome to the new Rivulus Software blog! Here we will be discussing programming topics (in particular Cocoa related), Mac OS X issues in general, and of course Rivulus news! I hope that users and developers will find some useful info on this blog and post some interesting comments too. Stay tuned!